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Large-scale pencil drawings and paintings.

Detailed expressive realism pieces that take on a life of their own.

Figurative, architectural, engineering and animal are inter - related as is the observation and changing world.

Her imaginative works combine the truth of detail with symbolism, mythology and surrealism which take on another entity. Creating new visions set in theatrical or abstract spaces.

Iona uses the pencil as a descriptive tool to write the imagination with content from reality, everyday objects, personal life, the body and dreaming.

Her Art is at once ancient, futuristic and present. A puzzle and connection of the constantly changing energies and the unknown.

The body and physicality are a central theme to her work.

Metamorphosis and the edges where change, error or enlightenment may occur.

An opening, becoming undone, building and threading layers of narrative.

Looking from the inside out, layers of structure, time and interrelated elements of humanity and nature fuel the sense of impending change or awakening throughout her works.

Disintegration, renewal and union blend with anatomy, frameworks, architecture and nature. To paint the life in-between reality. 

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