Drawings and Paintings for sale directly from the artist studio. Originals only. All signed by the artist.
Each Work is packaged and sent appropriately depending on the medium, surface and /or framing.
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'I waited and waited and' 2022

17.8 x 12.7 cm
Acrylic painting on canvas board.


'I waited and waited and' by IOna KEwney 12_09_22.jpeg

'Veil of Dreaming' 2022

Framed miniature oil pastel 26 x 31 cm

'Veil of dreaming' 2021. Iona Kewney.jpeg
The Ballroom of Deliverance 2021..jpeg

'Ballroom of Deliverance'.

oil pastel and pencil

60 x 42 cm


'Prehistoric Spine' 

conté pencil
60 x 42 cm

Prehistoric Spine 2021
Aonach Eagach Ridge 2020_

'Aonach Eagach Ridge' 2020

oil pastel and pen 62 x 83cm Professionally Glass framed

  'Rannoch Moor'

Oil pastel Unframed
60 x 42cm


Rannoch Moor 2021

'The Winding road' 2021.

Oil pastel
Glass framed 62 x 83 cm.

'The Winding road' 2020. Iona Kewney.jpeg

'Summer house' 2022
Atholl palace

40 x 40cm
painting on canvas board


Summer house at Atholl Palace 2022.jpeg

'Out and about, Free range' 2021

Oil pastel
60 x 42 cm

'Out and about, free range_ 2021 by Iona Kewney.jpeg

'Castles of Glasgow' 2019
Pencil and oil pastel 29.5 x 42cm


'Castles of Glasgow' 2019
'The bathers' by Iona Kewney 2021.jpeg

'Forest Bathers' 2021
Painting on canvas board
20 x 20 cm

'Anatomical flowers' 2019
Drawing 29.5 x42 cm

Iron Bru Grandma 2021

'Iron Bru Grandma' 2021

oil pastel 30 x 42cm

'Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off' 2021

Painting on canvas board
20 x 25 cm

B87541EF-6A13-4B8C-BB97-6A430E6DD449 (2).jpeg

'I see you on the TV screen, I see you in my dreams' 2022.

Oil pastel
Professionally glass framed

'I see you on the tv screen, I see you in my dreams' by Iona Kewney 2021..jpeg

'Stories at the Table' 2020
Colour Memories

Oil pastel 
professionally glass framed
60 x 72 cm


'Stories at the Table. Colour memories' Iona Kewney 2020..jpeg

'Metamorphosis into the night' 2021

Pencil and Pen Drawing 42 x 60 cm


'Ayrshire' 2020

Oil pastel 62 x 83 cm 
professionally glass framed.

'Ayrshire' 2020. Iona Kewney.jpeg

'The Projection Room' 
My Machines

Pencil 42 x 60cm
Professionally glass framed.


'Sending Signals' 2021
26 x 31 cm

oil pastel professionally glass framed



'Duet' 2021
25 x 30 cm

Professionally glass framed oil pastel 


'Duet' Iona Kewney .jpeg
Prince CharminX 2021..jpeg

'Prince CharminX' 2021
26 x 31cm 

Oil pastel Professionally glass framed.

'I see you falling' 2019
42 x 29.5 cm 

Pencil drawing

'I see you falling' 2019. 42 x 29.5 cm .jpeg

'Paradise bird' 2021
42 x 60 cm

Pen and watercolour


Paradise bird.

'Octopus' 2021
42 x 60 cm

Pencil drawing


Octopus 2021

'Bidean nam Bian' 2020
42 x 60 cm

Professionally glass framed

'Bidean nam bian' by Iona Kewney 2020.jpg

'Spring' 2021
20 x 20 cm

Miniature painting on canvas board